Road Bike Gallery 1960-1969

This period saw a rapid development in the Bertin line of quality road bikes. Vitus remained a supplier for Durifort but Reynolds 531 became more common in the C 35 and C 37 lines. From the early to the late 60s forged ends with derailleur hangers became universal across the quality product line. Braze ons elaborated especially for the Cyclotouriste  line for Bertin never seemed to universally embrace the 60s passion for clipping things to the frame.

Blue Bertin Reynolds A

An early 60s Bertin of unknown type built with Reynolds A tubing, the predessor of 531.


Green Bertin Kiiji

An early 60s to mid-60s C 37 with stamped dropouts offered for sale on the Toronto Kijiji in September, 2009.



This Bertin C 34 photo comes from a French bulletin board in April, 2009.



This Campagnolo Nouvo Record equiped Bertin C 35 dates from the early to later part of the 1960s. Further details can be found here .


Bertin White and red

This is an early 60s C 37 in a full Reynolds 531 frameset found on Ebay.

    Detail of the C 37 above.

Bertin  white

Bertin Red

                     This Bertin C 31 was a late 60s production item.



    An early to mid-60s C 31 Cyclotouriste found on Ebay in April 2009.


Bertin C 35 Rich Pinder

This Bertin C 35  is a mid to late 60s example located on the Ride Vintage Steel site.


Bertin Mixte July

An early C 117 minus touring accessories. Note the long cage Simplex Prestige touring derailleur.


Orange Bertin 1

The above photo shows an early C 37 formerly owned by Mike from New Zealand.


Bertin Blue Flikr oct

A 60s period C 37 with full 531, Nervex lugs and Simplex Tour de France rear derailleur.


This bicycle was for sale on Ebay in January of 2010. It seems to be a late 60s Bertin C 117 mixte with a Durifort frameset and very nice detailing right down to the white pinstripes on frame and fork.

Details of the Bertin C 117 shown above.


This 60s Bertin C 28 was pointed out by Tim M. from Virginia. Note the French tri-colour bands on the seat tube and the atypical lettering font on the seat and down tubes labels. 

Updated January 10, 2010.


17 comments on “Road Bike Gallery 1960-1969

  1. Interested to know how photo of the 60 plus cms, later 80s Bertin Cyclotouriste Vitus 888 frameset. Fully touring equipped with brazed on generator & lights etc. reached you.
    It was a real bargain when I sold it far too cheaply, the picture was taken outside my garage in Fleet Hampshire. UK. I advetised it in the N.Hants DA Journal of the CTC with a lot of help from the editor to get that picture included.
    It also had very rare Shimano dual action brake levers for touring and had forward arm rests fitted. Ideale leather saddle. Even one of the 84 Bertin feeding bottles we bought in bulk when supplying fellow British and other servicemen in Germany.

  2. Wally,
    I picked up the photo on a British advertising site some time ago after googling the term “Bertin”. The resolution was rather poor and if you have a better photo, I would love to publish it. Now that I know your name, would you like a photo credit added to the original photograph?

  3. Hello,
    Nice site you have here. The red C 31 pictured above is mine and it is still in my possesion. I also have a similar womens model mixte in white that I’d be happy to send you pictures of for the site if you’d like.

  4. Hi, Raverson-

    I think there is a photo of that bike on the Models page as a C 116 Super Randonneur and I would love to have detailed photographs. My intention would be to do a Featured Bike article on it. Thanks for offering.


  5. hey i found a vintage road bike i believe it is mid 60’s and i think it might me a bertins but all the paint was gone and the head badge was scarped off. If you could maybe get in touch with me via email and i could send you some pictures of it do you think you would be able to help me identify it? im in the process of restoring it and it will be back from paint soon and id like to get its original decal set on it.

  6. Hi Jim, i just ran into your website quite by accident, looking for a certain decal on a French/ italian ? road bike That i picked up for $25.00 off of Crags List about 4 months ago. I call it the “ENIGMA!” I have researched this “ENIGMA” until “the cows have come home,” and , for the life of me , can’t come up with any definitive answers as to the make , model , [perhaps the year though], of this road bike. I know this is a “crap shoot”, when you get a something like this, but i feel, that with your expertise, [I think its a French road bike], perhaps you could discover something about this road bike that i haven’t knowledge of, and come closer to the solution to my problem. When I first got this bike, it was in the worst condition imaginable and because of the condition, i thought i would just part it out , [it has some nice Comp and Simplex parts on it], and call it a day! But as you well know , the more i started piddling with it, the more I started liking it, and well ………I’ve decided , “come hell or high water”, I’m going to restore , [God help me, this is my first restore], this bad boy and try and breathe new life into this mummy! I would very much appreciate it if you would allow me to send photos of it to you, in the hope that you can help me resurrect this lifeless form from the dead. I would be forever in your debt if you could help me!. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Best Regards Randy

  7. Dear Jim,

    I purchased a Bertin bike two weeks ago, The frame is numbered on the dropouts with a serial number (67267). Tthe seat tube bands are red/white blue. So, it seems to be a late 60-ties. The used bike parts indicate the same time period.
    The frame and fork are Reynolds 531-tubes, no chrome. Brakes are Mafac cantilever (like the C29 or the C116), but there is no generator tab or internal light wiring or rack braze-on.
    I am searching the web and your pages since a week over and over, but could not identify the exact Bertin model.

    At a starting point for restoration, I would be interested in the model type and its original appearance.
    Is it possible to provide photos and get your help in identifying this bike?

    Best regards

    Hans, Münster, Germany

  8. Hi, I have a Bertin that I recently bought in Toronto. The paint was bad so I’m trying to repaint it. My Bertin has Mafac Reacer brakes and Mafac brake levers with the rubber hood(with adjuster) and bullet holes. Both hubs are Campagnolo…rims are Melrimo..stem and handle bar are Melrimo as well,,,TA crank, fork is DURIFORT. Shimano 600 front and back derailleurs…Mailliard Racer 6 speed cassette. I couldn’t get much info from the decals because it seems someone repainted the bike at some point and painted over the decals. I stripped the paint off hoping to see the decals but no luck.. My bike was originally a light blue colour…I see B M engraved on the front panel of the frame. Would be interesting to find out the year my bike was made. Also looking for decals and replacement rubber hoods for the brake levers.

  9. really confused about my frame,it has”fluted chainstays at the seat tube.its double butted and light,i have no info

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