Juvenile Bikes

Cycles Bertin offered a full line of children’s bicycles in its classic period from the C 8 with training wheels through to the C 1. What they did excellently was to provide properly sized and speced bicycles with full, quality tubesets  and components scaled to the proportions and smaller size of the youths who would ride them.


Bertin Junior Racer Mt

A mid-1980s Bertin Junior Racer built with Vitus 888 and good quality alloy components– Mt. Airy Bicycles


Bertin Jr

A late 80s child’s Junior Racer owned by cyclotourist from Flickr.


Childs Bertin

This 90s era juvenile sport/race bike demonstrates the on-going Bertin commitment to quality equiped and properly scaled bicycles for youths.


This Bertin child’s bike was advertised on leboncoin in January of 2010.


This late 90s Bertin youth’s bicycle shows the brand’s commitment to proper wheel size and component scale.   leboncoin


This mid-80s model of youth’s sport/racing bike was designated the C 33bis. It had a fullVitus 888 frameset and all alloy equipment. The seat is a youth dimensioned Bernard Hinault Turbo. Originally for sale on Ebay , February 2010.

Detail of C 33bis headtube and crown. 


The gallery photographs are taken from various sites around the Web. Credit and source links, where known, are given for each. Should you wish the photo deleted, e-mail Jim via the Contact Form on the Feature Pages heading on the Side Bar.

Last updated January 31, 2010.


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