Cafe Domestique

I was in the Hamilton, Ontario area today, specifically in Dundas. On Miller’s Lane, there is a unique cafe specializing in exotic coffees and teas as well as excellent baked goods. It is called Domestique.The proprietor is Krys Hines, a former Mariposa frame builder. His cafe is cycling themed as you can tell from the logo and the name. The atmosphere is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and the interior is decorated with bicycles that Krys built for himself at various times including both a Mariposa and an Alcyon. My wife and I enjoyed our snacks at a table made from a carbon fiber Zipp wheel complete with its tubular tire. As well as tables, there is a comfortable couch, a child scaled table and chair set and interesting and informed conversation on bicycles and other topics. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable way to spend time on a rainy afternoon. If you are in the area, it would be well worth your stopping by.