Bertin Posters

Back in May of 2020, I wrote about a series of Bertin posters available from PostersPosters on the Etsy website. They were available in sizes ranging from 11 x 17 inches to as large as 43 x 60 inches. I finally decided to order a poster in the 18 x 24 inch size which I did through the Etsy site.


I placed the order on line on December 18, 2020 and received the poster on January 27, 2021 which seems prompt given the Christmas season shipping crunch. The order was shipped tracked and arrived packaged in a rigid cardboard tube with plastic end caps. Cost was C $52 with tracked Priority shipping from the USA costing a further C $22.

Once a cap was removed, I found the poster inside to be carefully rolled, wrapped and cushioned. The poster itself had a removable fabric-like liner that covered the printed face of the poster and which protected the printed image from scuffing or colour transfer. As mentioned, the poster had been rolled up but once unrolled, revealed itself to have been printed on heavy gauge, high quality water colour paper. The image had ultra sharp definition and colours were thick, uniform and beautifully printed.

However, that thick, high quality watercolour paper was a problem. Having been rolled up in a shipping tube for more than three weeks, the paper simply refused to unroll. Eventually, I rolled it out on the dining table and placed it under about 20 pounds (10 kilos) of books where it stayed for two weeks. Even then, it still tried to re-roll itself so I began to gently re-roll the poster in the opposite direction to reduce the curl. Another week of that and the poster was flat enough to install in a frame and to hang in my workshop. It’s an excellent product and highly recommended.

6 comments on “Bertin Posters

  1. That’s a beautiful display you’ve made there!

    I purchased the same one, in addition to a Michelin Elan poster. I couldn’t agree more regarding the extremely fine quality of this person’s work. He also offers dozens of other vintage cycling posters in various sizes.

  2. Oddly enough, I have the Michelin Elan poster on my “to do” list. It will join the Bertin poster but on the wall to the left.

  3. Oddly enough, my Michelin poster is hanging to the left of my Bertin. I ordered the same size that you did. Mounted it in the same frame you have. Great minds, Jim!

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