Bertin C 56 Track Bike

This blog gets emails from readers and commenters  who occasionally see their own bike and remark upon it. In other cases, people are trying to find out about their bike and leave comments or inquiries. In still other cases, like this one with Noah B., people know what they have and are anxious to share with other enthusiasts. The photo you see below is a 1980s period Bertin C 56 track bike provided by Noah. This was Bertin’s entry level, dedicated track bike. There are no brake drillings, the bottom bracket is relatively high to prevent pedal strike and the forks are round to resist the lateral forces on a velodrome’s banked track. Both frame and forks are made from Vitus Durifort steel tubing and there are dedicated, rear opening track dropouts.

The equipment appears to be all French: Marcel Berthet pedals, TA track cranks, Philippe stem and bars, nutted Maillard  high flange track hubs and what may be an Ideale leather saddle mounted on a JPR alloy seatpost. All in all,  impeccable pedigree, functionality and presentation at about half the cost of a Bertin C 38, the professional level track bike in Bertin’s line up. Thanks for sharing this fine example with us , Noah.

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