Road Bikes

This page has replaced the single page titled “Road Bike Gallery.” Models are displayed here based on best inference of the time frame and in sequence from the 1950’s to the 1990’s — the end of Bertin bicycle production in France.

Road Bike Gallery — 1950 to 1959 (Link)

Road Bike Gallery — 1960 to 1969 (Link)

Road Bike Gallery — 1970 to 1979 (Link)

Road Bike Gallery — 1980 to 1989 (Link)

Road Bike Gallery — 1990 to 1999 (Link)

15 comments on “Road Bikes

  1. I have, I think, a 1970s Bertin Road bike: White Durifort frame, half chrome forks, Simplex derailer, Pleischer kick stand, metal “license” plate which reads 16159 DBT 1976. Other id marks are A.B. Speciale Bertin, Rigida Chrolux rims, Lyotard pedals, road handlebar and saddle.

    I’d simply like to know the bike’s vintage, its history and, less importantly, its market value.

    Thank you

  2. Greg-

    It sounds like your Bertin is a C 31. In the 70s they came as Durifort framesets and with 1/2 chromed front forks. It seems likely to have been an early 70s bike judging from the equipment and the licence plate. The A.B. decal was found generically on all Bertins at least back to the early 60s. It is tough to do better without a photo showing details of the lugs and such like. The value would depend on the buyer and the condition of the bike. Craigslist offers them occassionally in the $100 to $300 range although I do not know the final sale prices.

  3. Jim…
    Have finished a full rebuild and clean up of the Brown C117 on your site, ebay sale in January.
    How do I upload photos to you?
    Bob Rasner

  4. Robert,
    Just email me at bertinclassiccycles[at]yahoo[dot]ca and add the photos as JPEG format attachments. I will be able to open them and use them on the site with a credit to you as the provider. Thanks very much.

  5. Thanks Jim

    Very surprised how good the ride is, just fabulous; I’ve got a pair of clinchers for everyday hacking around and a nice old set of mudguards to fit, so will send some more pics 🙂

  6. Good morning

    It has been suggest to me that I should contact you, as the Oracle for all things vintage steel bikes, to enquire as of the provenance of a steel frame I purchased recently. The frame is built with Columbus SL of SLX tubing with campagnolo drop outs and constructed to very high standard. It has pantograph engraving ‘MOTTET’ on the seat stays, bottom bracket shell and fork crown. There also a large ‘M’ surrounded by leaves engraving on the head tube. The cables, brakes and gears are all internal. Any information would be massively appreciated.


  7. Hi, Mike-

    Thanks for the compliment. The frame sounds like a lovely one. You can check for SL/SLX by looking in the frame’s main tubes. If SLX, the 3 tubes should have a spiral, helical rifling. If SL, they will not. The fork steerer tubes of both types will be rifled.

    The frame itself sounds like a commercial, contract build that capitalizes on the name of Charly Mottet a prominent French rider of the 1980s. Most memorably he rode with Laurent Fignon for System U and retired when riding clean in the era of EPO rendered him uncompetitive. Riders capitalize on their names and contract with large companies to produce bikes and frames for a royalty. Jacques Anquetil, Fausto Coppi, Raymond Poulidor, Jean Stablinski, Greg Lemond and Steve Bauer are but a few of the riders who did so.Some times it was just decals on a stock frame but in some cases, like Lemond, there was a lot of rider input on design. While it is not a Bertin, your Mottet is apparently French and I am sure you will enjoy your new ride.

  8. Emmet-

    It is a Bertin from the late 70s or early 80s and has a Vitus Durifort tubeset. Bertin used that distinctive stay cap style with Durifort and the fork blade carries a 70s period Durifort decal. The model is probably a C 132, as you thought, although it does not have the braze on generator tab.(Bertin specs varied widely based on distributor demand). The 72 designates the lug socket angle for the seat tube and you will probably find a similar stamping on the head lugs as well. The lack of a serial number is common for Bertins from the late 60s to the mid 70s when the practice was revived due to American laws. You may find a 2 digit number on a rear dropout face which would designate frame size measured center to top eg: 68.Then again, maybe not – the process was not invariable! Hope you enjoy the bike.

  9. Do you have a contact or an organization for vintage Rixe bicycles? I am in the middle of restoring what I think is a Rixe men’s Club ( blue beautiful bicycle ) and like to learn more. I have also found another 3 speed. I am also aware that I live near Lancaster PA which was once the HQ for Rixe back in the 60’s Victoria Distributors, Lancaster, PA.)

  10. Hi, John-

    I am sorry to say that I know of no club or organization supporting Rixes. Have you tried the Veteran Cycle Club in the UK: ? They have Marque Enthusiasts who are knowledgeable about specific brands and who can be quite helpful.

  11. Hi All
    Please could you help me to identify my bike frame.I believe it is a Bertin or a Ron Kitching in not sure .Any info would be appreciated I have loads of photos

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