There will be twelve header images that will rotate approximately once a month. Of the twelve, one will be the early Cycles Bertin administrative office; nine will be of the 1950’s “old factory,” and two others will be of the newer 1970’s factory.

Photo credit goes to Alain Merlier for the ten 1950’s photos. However, the source for the new factory photos was a 1976 Cycles Bertin brochure. M. Merlier was a founding Member of Le Club Beaurains 2000 Cyclo in the Pas de Calais region of Northern France and a Bertin employee for almost four decades.

The avatar/site logo is based on a Microsoft Clip Art.

About the Site

Jim is the blogger here. He is a retired teacher, former public library chief librarian and a long time cyclist. This site will not be a typical discussion-oriented blog, rather it is intended as an information source or clearing house for all things Bertin. However, comments are invited and should you wish to e-mail him, just use the Contact Form at the top of this page.

In the fall of 2007, Jim  finished having his Bertin restored and, as such, will occasionally provide posts about his own experiences in that regard. As well, the 2014 restoration of another C 37 is the subject of a series of posts and occasional posting as well.


In order to avoid Internet spam software that attaches to old blog posts, comments are automatically turned off seven days after posting the most recent articles.