Cycles Andre Bertin Etsy Poster

While searching through Etsy the other day, I found a Cycle Andre Bertin poster that was quite familiar. For those of you who do not know Etsy, it is a sales site for those with craft items, art work, hand made jewellery and vintage items to sell. People have shops within the site and list and sell items from them. If the poster below looks familiar to you as well, it should because it is a reproduction of an original that I posted about back in 2017 as part of an occasional series on Bertin advertisements.




Now, the chances of finding an original of this 40 year old poster are quite slim but these reproductions are printed on lighter gauge watercolour paper with fade resistant inks and are shipped to buyers in tubes to avoid damage.

There are six poster sizes which vary from 11″ x 17″ (28 x 43 cm) at C $29.77 to as large as 43″ x 60″ (109 x 152 cm) at C $255.61.  Should you be curious, the Etsy shop link is here:

The seller also has a link on the site to his PosteraPosters site with a vast range of bicycle brand and themed posters as well.

Bertin Poster Graphics

It is not a startling insight to observe that things change but is interesting to see those changes especially in such a highly competitive field as cycle manufacturing. In June of 2018, there was a Bertin Retrospective festival which had an on line “poster” which advertised the event. Many of you had seen it when I posted it here a year ago to support the event. If you missed it, this is the “poster”:



It is an interesting and evocative style using bold colours in large areas with little modeling on the figure. Forty years earlier, a Bertin poster looked like this:



And twenty or thirty years before that, a Bertin paper poster looked like this:



An interesting evolution in style.