Bertin Updates

Lately, posts have been infrequent on Bertin Classic Cycles due to work responsibilities – I am looking forward to retiring again in the Fall! Nonetheless, I have been doing a few things. There is a new, colour photo of a Bertin T 2 tandem on the Models page. I have added a photo of an 80s period Bertin C 38 on the Track Bikes Gallery page and I would also like to share a series of photos of a pro team frameset originally offered for sale through Hilary Stone’s  site. It is excellent and I would recommend you take a look.

The frameset is quite lovely and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Please note the Bernard Hinault plastic/alloy Stronglight A9 headset.

Bertin Biography Update

Andre Bertin 2As of July 15th, 2009 I have updated the Bertin Biography page. You may click here or at the top of the page to view the revised article. New photos have been included along with further details of M. Bertin’s commercial activity post WW II. Many thanks to former Bertin employee Alain Merlier for many of the added details.