Track Bikes

Andre Bertin began his professional career as a “trackie” or track racer. It should not be surprising that not only one but two track bikes remained in the Cycles Bertin model lineup throughout most of the company’s commercial life.

The C 38 was a full Reynolds 531 professional level track bike offering various high end track gruppos including Campagnolo. Its more affordable entry level sister bike, the C 56, was a dedicated track bike made with a full Durifort tubeset and dedicated French track components. In the late 80s I had occassion to consider a C 56 and found it be a well equipped and beautifully finished bicycle with its all French components.



Bertin C 56 — found on PISTAR



Bertin C-56 silver Craigslist

Bertin C 56, Craigslist


Bertin Track Red C56

 Red Bertin Track bike

Bertin C 56 originally discovered posted in Velospace.


Bertin C 56 blue

A Bertin C 56 track frameset found on Ebay in July, 2009.

Bertin C 56 blue 2

Bertin C 56 blue 3

Bertin C56 blue 4

Stay, cluster and downtube details of C 56


Bertin C-56 red Flikr

Bertin C 56, from Flickr


Bertin C 56 composite 2

Bertin C 56 composite 1

Bertin C 56 seat tube

Bertin C 56


Bertin C 56 nitro

Early 80s Bertin C 56


Bertin C 56 pink

Possible Bertin C 38


Bertin C 56 red

Bertin C 56


Bertin C 56 white

A Bertin C 56 belonging to Khastro from France.


Bertin C 56 green ebay fr oct

A refinished Bertin C 56 fixie found on Ebay France, October 2009.


Gauthier Bertin  C 56

Bertin would produce bicycles for specific shops or do small production runs. This Bertin/Gauthier is a C 56.

Gauthier Bertin C56 2

Gauthier Bertin C 56 3

Bertin C 38 track bike

This is an early 1960s C 38 found in New Zealand. It has the early TA cottered Professionel cranks.Bertin Track bike crank

C 38 respray 2 nov 09 NZ

This Bertin C 38 has been resprayed and was offered for sale on a New Zealand  web site in November, 2009.

C 38 respray

Details of Nervex Pro seat lug and flat plate stay caps. Thanks to Josh from New Zealand for leads on the previous two track bikes.


This is Gaston’s C 56 updated as a fixie for street use with what looks like an alloy fork and updated wheels.


The blue C 56 above is an 80s model with remarkably intact French specification equipment right down to the TA crankset and Marcel Berthet pedals. 


This C 56 was aquired by Gordon S. at a bike jumble in the U.K. It appears to have been previously updated for road use as a fixie.


Details of Gordon S.’ C 56.


The French website leboncoin yielded this 90s C 56.

Details of the C 56 above. 


This is another example of a Gauthier branded Bertin C 56. Unusually, for a track bike, it has low flange track hubs.

Details of the Durifort frameset and French gruppo of the Gauthier/Bertin shown above in profile.


This is another C 56 similar to the white one above. Note that the seat stays have been been attached to the binder bolt unlike earlier C 56s which had  been brazed to the sides of the seat lug.


The C 56  above appeared on a French site for street riders using fixed gear bikes. Despite the aero street running gear and wheels, the distinctive crown and round fork blades reveal this bike’s origins. 


Another C 56 from the 90s with an 80s style paint scheme and a 70s period seat tube decal. Very eclectic!



Another Vitus 999 framed 90s Bertin C 56 from leboncoin in France.


This C 56 is  from the early 1980s. Its Vitus 888 frame and fork stickers remain  intact and clearly visible. 



This 80s Bertin C 38 was advertised on Craigslist in March of 2011. It has a full Dura Ace track gruppo.



The gallery photographs are taken from various sites around the Web. Credit and source links, where known, are given for each. Should you wish the photo deleted, e-mail Jim via the Contact Form under the Feature Pages on the Side Bar.

Last updated April 21, 2011.



23 comments on “Track Bikes

  1. Thanks for the direction, Josh. I’ve got the brown C 38 but appreciate the yellow one and will add them both to the gallery soon.

  2. Hi, Josh- Thanks for the reference. Looking at the close-ups, it seems to me the bike is actually a Raleigh or a Carlton. The lugs are Capellas and were distinct to those two lines. As well, the fork is an aftermarket road fork lacking the twin plate crown and round fork blades of a C 56 or C 38.The rear brake bridge is drilled which may indicate a converted road bike. Lastly, the track ends could be a later addition as the bike has been resprayed and the decals are not original. Nonetheless, keep your eye open for other NZ Bertins, I would love to feature one. Thanks. Jim

  3. Harry-
    Thank you for the compliment! I am glad you found both the Track Bike Gallery and your bike. It is my intention to use it as a Feature bike because of the good closeups you shared. Check back in a few days.


  4. Hi,
    Thank you for your comment. I would love to have you email me the photos from both of your Bertins for display on the site. It sounds as though both bikes are C 56s since the C 38s had 531 tubing and a half chromed or fully chromed fork.
    You can use the To Contact section in the sidebar to do so.

  5. Hi,
    i’m the owner of the second Bertin/Gauthier track bike. I just discovered your website and i’m glad to find my bike in the gallery. It is also very interesting to see that Bertin made at least not one but two track frames for the cycles Gauthier.
    Great site by the way, thanks.

  6. Hi,
    I am from Singapore. I stumbled upon this site when searching for info on my bike frame which I recently acquired. This is a great site. My frame no longer has the original paintwork and I have also stripped down the paint to get a new paint job done on it. I was wondering if anyone could help me determine the make of this frame. Here are some pics from my photobucket gallery. All the cable guides and shifter brackets are still intact.

    I would appreciate any help given


  7. Hi Jim,
    Could you help point me to the actual site or forum that you mentioned in your earlier reply to me. I am unable to find the answer still. Thanks for your help.


  8. Hi, Rosli-

    Try the Bike Forums site, especially the Classic and Vintage thread. Just ask and show your bicycle’s photos. There are lots of interested and knowledgeable readers.


  9. Hi Jim
    I have a Bertin bike I rescued from a back porch of a house in Virginia! The girl was training for the Olympics with it years before! I ended up buying it back in the 80’s and has been sitting since. Don’t know much about the bike but I’m willing to sell it to someone that would appreciate it! It wouldnt do it justice to sell it on craigslist. I could send you pix If interested!

  10. Hi!
    I was looking for a Track Frame and i foun this one but i don’t know much about it.
    Can you give me some informations about the frame?


  11. Hi, Bruno-

    The frameset you found is a Bertin C 56 from the late 1980s. It is a dedicated track frame not a fixie conversion of a road bike. It has the classic track ends and the track bike specific round fork blades to resist the forces found in cycling on banked indoor tracks. The frame tubing is Vitus plain gauge 888/Durifort steel throughout the bike. Altogether a nice frameset and very worthwhile for rebuilding into a functioning bike. Well done on your find!

  12. hi guys i just got my hands on an old bertin pista,judging by the components(all campag)and weight (v.light!)i lucked in-is it perhaps a 80’s model?the crank arms dont have a date mark,but they ARE 144bcd..ill
    send a pic asap.
    great site!

  13. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly useful &
    it helped me out much. I hope to provide something again and help others such
    as you helped me.

  14. Hi Jim, i have got a french track frame and i would ask you if you think its a bertin frame.

    I would like to send you some photo, how can i do? thank you

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