A Bertin Tandem


The work on a site like this has behind the scenes maintenance that the reader is seldom aware of. Last December, I was checking links and updating photos in the Models section of the site. I try to have as clear and representative an illustration of a model as I am able to find and had located a Bertin tandem T 2 photo.

Previously, I had a black and white catalogue photo so the colour image was a real improvement in quality and clarity for readers attempting to find information. The change was made and shortly thereafter I was contacted by Adrien D. from France who had just purchased that same tandem. He was hoping to find information on the bike as he was planning to tour on it with a friend and really wanted to know more about the bike to which he was entrusting his vacation. It was a mutually beneficial moment as he was enthusiastic about his new purchase and more than happy to provide me with numerous photographs of the bike while I was able to provide him with specifications and a copy of a contemporary road test.

As well, Adrien explained the changes made to the tandem in preparation for the tour and was also kind enough to provide photographs from the actual trip itself. I extracted his permission to do a Feature Bicycle post on the topic for some time later. Adrien, it has turned out that “later” is much later than I had originally intended but here it is.



Original configuration as purchased


As configured for tour.




Frame Details of Laterals




Braze-on Mafac Cantilever Brakes


Atom Drum Brake and Reaction Arm Attachment


Dual Cable Mafac Brake Lever






Details of TA Triple Crankset


Huret Allvit Rear Derailleur




Philippe Alloy Stem and Handlebars


Once Adrien had the upgrades and modifications to the tandem ready, he and a friend took the machine on an enjoyable tour through Southern England and Wales. Hopefully, there have been other equally enjoyable occasions since that first successful trip.


The Bertin T 2 on Tour in Southern England