Road Bike Gallery 1970-1979

Bertin bikes continued to expand their distribution during this period of the Bike Boom. Framesets were built with Vitus supplied Durifort/888 tubes and, later in the decade’ with Vitus 172 as was the case for the C 37 bis. Some higher end bicycles and framesets like the C 35 were built with a Reynolds main triangle and Vitus for the rest. Specific models like  the C 37 and C 38 remained all Reynolds. Framesets were built using forged ends and braze-ons gradually reappeared on the higher end racing frames.

French equipment was the basic specification on frames, but in the mid-70s, Bertin became the French Shimano distributor and its gruppos proliferated through the lineup during this decade as an upgrade before the fullout Campagnolo option. The house brand Milermo equipment was speced extensively on everything from dropouts to saddles, to stems, tape and almost any other accessory required to complete a bike.

Bertin dabbled as well with non-traditional materials such as welded aluminum in the C 80  and welded titanium in the C 75T although these never became a major part of the Bertin lineup.



Bertin C 31 bis — from Craigslist



Bertin C 37 Originally for sale on E-Bay



Bertin C 37 — Don Genovese’s bike on the Velo Cafe at



C 37 for sale at Team Karim



Bertin C 34 — Psycleman’s Bertin at the Velo Cafe on



Bertin C 28 – from a French bulletin board (Apr 09)



Bertin C 132 Cyclo-Touiste, E-Bay April 2009


 Bertin C 70 Ebay France, May 2009


Bertin Red

Bertin C 28, May 2009


C37 red Bertin

Chad Magiera’s Bertin C 37 from a German website, March, 2009.


Brown Bertin 531

Bertin C 31 fixie, April 2009.



A Bertin C 132 shared by JPA from an older EBay post.



A probable C 28 with later equipment upgrades also from JPA.



A Bertin C 31 photo from EBay also provided by JPA


Bertin Mixte Craigslist

A Bertin Mixte found on the Calgary, Alberta Craigslist in June, 2009


Bertin Mixte Craigslist 2

Bertin Mixte Craigslist 3

Bertin Mixte Craigslist 4

Details of the Bertin Mixte from above.


Bertin Craigslist June 2009

Bertin Craigslist June 2009 2

Unkown model of Bertin found on Craigslist, June 2009.


Bertin Bike Form

Extensively modified Bertin from Bike Forum, June 2009.


Bertin Craigslist Berkley June 14

Bertin C 132 found on Craigslist, June 2009.


Bertin July 09 3

Bertin frameset and detail shots from MarcBaby at Mobile1

Bertin July 09

Copy of Bertin July 09 4

Copy of Bertin July 09 2


Yellow Bertin 1

Bertin C 37, all Campy, from Rembetis Historische Fahrrader


Yellow Bertin 2

Yellow Bertin 3

Yellow Bertin 4



An early 80s C 70? shared by Steve V. from California


Copy of IMG_4339[1] 

White Bertin Bike Form

A Bertin C 35 from Bike Forum


Calvin's Stolen Bertin

The much modified and stolen Bertin of Calvin Jones, Park Tools technical expert.


Bertin ebay july 1

A 48 cm Bertin C 34 found on Ebay, July 2009.


Bertin ebay july 4

Bertin ebay july 3

Details of the Bertin above.


Stephen's silver Bertin

This is a late 60s Bertin C 37 recently aquired by Stefan Bergler of Germany.


Stephen's Yellow Bertin

This appears to be a Bertin C 31? from the 1970s also shared by Stefan Bergler.


Small Brown Bertin

A Bertin C 34 from the mid 1970s found on line .


Small Brown Bertin 2

Small Brown Bertin 3

Detail photos of the C 34 found above.


Bertin C 35 Rich Pinder

Rich Pinder’s Bertin C 35 from his excellent Ride Vintage Steel site.


Green Bertin Kiiji

A late 60s or early 70s Bertin C 37 built with 531 and for sale on the Toronto Kijiji site in September of 2009.


Green Bertin Kiiji 2

Green Bertin Kiiji 3

Details of the C 37 from Kijiji including the old Huret Luxe friction shift levers and the 531 forks.


Yelloe Bertin durifort

A Bertin C 34 with full Durifort tubeset.


Yellow Bertin durifort 2

Yellow Bertin durifort 3

Details of the C 34 above.


Brown Bertin Ebay

A Bertin C 132 Cyclo Touriste found on Ebay.


Bertin Mixte July

This is possibly an early Bertin C 117 minus its touring accessories. Note the long cage Simplex Prestige rear derailleur. Originally from Ebay in July, 2009.


Bertin Mottet

An 80s Bertin C 220 with a Shimano 600 Arabesque gruppo. Bertin manufactured bikes for specific dealers hence the Mottet label.


Bertin with panniers

An 70s Bertin C 31.


bertin white fixie

A Bertin C 37 for sale on the SORBA website in August of 2009.


Bertin vitus 971 4

This seems to be an early to mid-80s Bertin C 35 with a Vitus 971 frame and fork found on Ebay, October 2009.


Tims Bertin C 35

A 60 cm late 70s Bertin C 34 or C 35 shared by Tim M. from Virginia. Note the all French equipment – except the Silca pump!


Bertin C 37 Ebay oct

 A Bertin C 37 seen on Ebay in October, 2009.


Bertin C 31 panniers

This is a Bertin C 31 with unusual panniers from


Bertin T 51

This Bertin with a Durifort frameset is unusual in reverting to a traditional style woman’s frame at a time when Bertin offered other models as mixtes.


This Bertin randonneuse was found on Ebay Fr. The frame sticker on the downtube identifies it as part of the Cyclotouiste range, possibly a C 132. It is a fully French bike from tubing to running gear.


This photo shows details of the wiring  routing and the bottom bracket generator.

This photo is included to show details of the wiring and the attached light bracket on the TA brake mounted front bag support rack .



This C 34 is set up in Sportif  fashion with Esge Cromoplastic fenders and a stem supported, suspended handlebar bag.



A well equipped Bertin C 117 mixte with Durifort frameset built in generator  lighting and TA rack mount for the headlight.


This  Bertin C 35, from the Oct. 09 Ebay posting, was purchased by Tim M., refurbished and kitted out as seen in the photo immediately above. The bike is all French, including its Vitus 971 frameset.


This French equiped early 70s Bertin C 117 was located in the archive section of  Bike Forums from 2006. Bertins of this size were built from heavier gauge tubing to compensate for greater stresses and higher rider weight – not a universal practice for many other manufacturers.


 The details above show the OEM stainless fenders and chromed rack of the C 117 from the photo above. The original front rack has been removed and replaced with a suspended bag rack like Velo Orange’s. On the lower photo note the generator mounting tab on the left seat stay. The wiring and generator appear to have been removed.


Bertin supplied the C 34 with tubulars as standard equipment in the 70s. This particular C 34 is fully French equipped even to a Bertin logoed water bottle.


A Japanese website in 2009 supplied this image of a small C 34 with Weinmann 500 sidepull brakes.


Bertin also built its C 34 model with clincher tires. That variety was designated C 34 bis. On this  bicycle, there are Simplex derailleurs and a Stronglight 49 crankset. Note the red accented Milremo stem.


The generator/light combination on the rear stay identifies this bike as a Bertin C 132.These could be supplied with either dropped bars or the touring  style bars as shown.  The saddle is a quilted, padded, plastic based Milremo.


Another C 34 found on leboncoin from France.


The Bertin C 132 above retains its cellulloid fenders but is missing the original generator and taillight usually found on the non-drive seatstay.


Except for tires, original equipment chacterizes this Bertin C 117 mixte.  Note the Mafac  white plastic brake levers and the alloy wing nuts for wheel retention.  


Last update May, 30 2010.


12 comments on “Road Bike Gallery 1970-1979

  1. Hi there I love your site!

    I’ve just recently bought a Bertin fixie from TradeMe (NZ version of Ebay) but I didn’t know anything about Bertin when I bought it. I’ve perused through your wonderful galleries but I can’t see any Bertins with track ends. Do you have any ideas what model this is?

    It has had a respray, but it has a Bertin badge on the front, plus decals CycliVIAGGIO, L.R.Viaggio printed signature, Campone del Mondo, ‘Toney’, and a a square French flag decal

    The listing I bought from:

    I’ve unearthed what appears to be the previous sale:

    Feel free to display the photos on your site 🙂

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi,

    Just found your great site whilst researching the bike Im in the process of rebuilding.

    Its an Andre Bertin, in a Teal/blue Green colour. I have the complete bike less wheels and plan to strip it and repaint/powder coat in the original colour. It has chrome front forks and rear bottom stays which I will simply paint as well, possibly in silver as chroming is a huge cost. I’d like to replace the original decals. Can you tell me if they are available?

    Im happy to send you a photo, but I don’t know how to attach one to this message, but feel free to email me and I can send you one.

  3. Hi, Tim-

    Nice to hear from another New Zealander. If your chrome is solid and not badly pitted or peeling it can be painted over once it is scuffed up to allow the paint to adhere. Decals are getting easier to find. Velocals has a set for sale that are late 70s from the look. You can find Velocals and several other decal makers in the sidebar of my site under “Restoration”.


  4. I have an original ‘Knight’ lightweight road bike from the 70’s that I had custom made for me. How much would it be worth?

  5. Hi, Shirley-

    That is a tough call. Being custom, the bike is unique in its presentation and equipment. It would depend how well preserved it is and what type of equipment is on it. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

  6. I just recently bought a Bertin frame that looks a lot like the C34 from lebancoin. The one difference is that my fork seems to be more curved. If that is the case, is this a completely different frame? Again, it looks identical accept for the fork. I want to know about this purchase, as i do about all of my bikes, when was it made? Where was it made? Was it worth the $45 i spent on it. I really appreciate this site and i’m sorry i could not post a picture


  7. Hi, John-

    If your Bertin looks like the photo then it is probably from the mid to later 70s. Most of these bikes were produced in France as is likely the case for yours. As far as the fork rake is concerned, the frame design of smaller bikes has differences from larger frames and this could easily explain the difference between your Bertin’s fork and the bike in the photo. Finally, if all you paid was $45 for this bike, you made a very good deal indeed. Congratulations!

  8. Thanks for the reply. I always like to know about my bikes, and this is the only site that has information on these bikes. I could not find any specific details on this bike, so I was wondering if you could help me out with any knowledge you have on the C34 that I potentially have. Possible stuff like original price, what original parts it had, and maybe the general class of rider who would have bought it. I know this is a lot, but any information would help.



  9. Hi, John-
    Your C 34 would have been an entry level racing/sport bicycle.It could have been purchased either with tubular or clincher tires and came equiped with a TA Pro Vis crankset, Huret Allvit deraillers, QR Normandy sport hubs, hooded Mafac Racer CP brakes and alloy bars, stem and seatpost. The seat was an Ideale 80 leather saddle.
    This Bertin had a full Durifort tubeset with forged steel dropouts, usually Milremo, which was a very nice feature for an inexpensive bike. Typical Competitors like the Peugeot PR 10, Gitane Interclub or Raleigh Super Course had a main frame of plain gauge 531 and everything else of high tensile steel. In 1976 the bike would have sold for 1,085 francs which converts to about 650 euros in 2011. This was a pretty inexpensive cost for an above its price point spec and above average assembly and finish. I hope that helps clarify things for you.

  10. Hi Jim,

    Thanks again for all your help, but i have a couple more questions to ask you. First of all, i want to know if there is any other frame that looks like the blue C34 from leboncoin, because i want to know exactly what frame i have. I would also like to know why the wheel base is so long on this bike when it seems that others of this line and company are much more compact. Would this be beneficial or detrimental?

    iGracias Senor!


  11. Hey
    I have been trawling through all the amazing details on this website to try find out what bike it is that I have… it’s been a bit of a CSI mission for me. Someone painted over the bike in a crappy green and a grey primer so I couldn’t see any decals anywhere. I rebuilt the freewheel and noticed that it said made in France so I thought it was a peugot initially.
    Then I found a seatpost bolt with a Milremo badge on it… that got me investigating. The I found that I had Weinnmann 730 side pull brakes and Simplex detrailluers and brake friction shifters… that’s all I could find. the Crankset has made in france written on it too.
    The handlebar locknut that compresses it to the forks has a made in Japan label, I can’t remeber what it is.
    The only other detail I can think of is that the rear brake cable is a throught the stem type.

    Are there any serial numbers or anyhing that I should be looking for?

    sorry for such a long comment, I think this is the only place that I can hope for a bit of help with this type of bike… mine may not even be a Bertin I suppose is another possibility!!


  12. Hi, Eoin-

    You may want to check on Bike Forums as well. There are a lot of knowledgeble people there who are happy to share. As for your bike, does it have French threading? The bottom bracket cups should read 35×1 which may help you establish if the bike is even French. Typically, Bertins usually had a 4 digit serial stamped on the drive side dropout eg: 1234 and a 2 digit frame size numeral stamped on the non-drive side rear dropout eg : 56. However, these have been known to be missing even on genuine Bertins. Milremo parts may indicate a Bertin but bothe Bertin and Kitching used them as a house brand but also resold them to bike shops and other manufactures. The use of a Japanese part might indicate a Motobecane unless the part is Shimano which may indicate a Bertin! If you can provide a photo either here or on Bike Forums it would allow people to check out the design and lugs and perhaps make it easier to identify the bike. Good luck!


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