Road Bike Gallery 1990 – 1999

The 1990s would be a time of momentous change for Ets. Bertin. In addition to massive changes  in suppliers, bicycle design and distribution, there came a radical restructuring of the company. Ets. Bertin was absorbed by Shimano to become Shimano France. Cycles Bertin continued as a stand alone manufacturer of bicycles and frames. In 1993, the company was purchased by Cibo, a large non-cycling holding company. Then, a year later, Andre Bertin died in St. Laurent-Blangy. The company continued on for several years, finally ending production around 1999-2000.

This final decade saw rapid changes in equipment like STI and Ergopower, a continuing shift to Columbus tubing although Vitus still supplied some tubesets and the use of oversized tubes and compact frame designs in some Bertin models. The broad line of classic bicycles from the early post WW II period had transitioned into BMX, mountain bikes, hybrids and dedicated racing bikes each highly specialized for its application.

80s Bertin 2

This is an early 90s Columbus framed Bertin with Shimano RSX and STI.

80s Bertin STI

This Bertin road bike is distinguished by its unusual, for a Bertin, straight fork. Originally found on .


Bertin 105

This appears to be a mid-90s 105 equiped road bike with a later graphics style.


Bertin green

A mid-90s Bertin sport bike with an RSX triple gruppo.


Bertin Course 2

This 90’s frameset  is distinguished by the continued use of lugs and of Vitus 999 plain gauge Cr-Mo tubing.

Bertin Course 3

Detail of Vitus 999 tubing sticker.


Blue Bertin Troc Velo

An early 90s Bertin sport bike. Note the close clearences.


Red Bertin  STI

This early 90s Bertin is equiped with a 300EX Gruppo and, unusually, STI as well.


Bertin 330

A late 90s Bertin C 300 with oversize steel tubing, semi-compact design and Campagnolo Ergopower.


Bertin c 3000

This Bertin C 3000 has the oversize steel frameset and striking graphics of the last of Bertin’s road bike production.


90s Bertin

This Bertin is equiped with the lower end Shimano 300EX crankset.


90s Bertin 5

This 1990s frameset is for sale (Nov. 2009) at Ebay from the NOS Bicycle Shop.


Bertin hybrid

An early 90s  flat bar hybrid with a lugless steel frame and very tight geometry.




A welded aluminum framed Bertin C 4000 from the mid- 90s.


This lugged, Reynolds steel framed Bertin C 2336 is RSX and STI equipped.



This is also a lugged, Columbus tubed Bertin from the early 90s. Note the extremely tight wheel/tire clearances on this bicycle.


This unidentified Bertin model features oversize welded steel tubes and  what appears to be a Shimano 105 gruppo featuring STI and dual pivot brakes.


This Bertin has a welded alloy frame and steel fork with a Shimano 105 STI gruppo.


Once again, a welded aluminum frame but matched to a Vitus carbon fiber fork on this mid-1990s Bertin.


This mid-90s steel Bertin was purchased off Ebay by Shibing H. in the USA. He has built it up with a mixed Ultegra/105 gruppo and aero wheels. Pictures below are details of Shibing’s bicycle.   


This unusual Bertin has no known model designation. It appears to be a Triathalon or a time trial bike  and is the only photo of one that has appeared.


This 90s Bertin is equiped with a welded Columbus aluminium frame and 105 STI.


This unusual early 90s Bertin mixte has a 7 speed Shimano internally geared hub.


Bertin continued to sell the Vitus line of bonded framesets into the late 80s and early 90s such as this Vitus 992 with Dura Ace gruppo.


Columbus supplied the Foco Megatube steel frame for this 90s Bertin C 5000.


Once again, oversized steel, including the forks with this 90s period Bertin.


Columbus steel lugged frame and fork and Shimano STI grace this early 90s Bertin road bike.


In the later 90s, Bertin made extensive use of Columbus’ line of oversize aluminium tubesets. The straight bladed fork with inegrated headset seems to be steel.


Bertin continued to build bicycles for the utility market until near the end of production. This woman’s model has everything possible to facilitate easy and comfortable urban cycling.

This C 35 makes an interesting contrast between the 70s way of building and the late 90s as seen above.


Welded aluminium and carbon fiber – what would become the future of large scale bicycle production.


A Vitus 999 frameset found on leboncoin.


A Bertin C2336 with Shimano 105 gruppo.



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