Featured Bicycle #2 – Harry C.


This second featured bike comes fairly quickly after the first one of a “modern” Bertin. This particular sample falls definitely into the “classic” category. It is a Bertin C 38 track bike from the late 1950s/late 1960s era. It was originally drawn to my attention by Jason, a New Zealand correspondent who pointed it out on a New Zealand on-line sales site. Two of the photos come from there.

Somewhat later, a request for information from Harry C., also of New Zealand, resulted in him providing more of the photographs of his “new” old bicycle. Enjoy the pictures of the bike with its nicely thinned Nervex Professional lugs. Remember, underneath that remarkable paint is a Reynolds 531 frameset!

Harry C. contacted me with the details on this Bertin. He had purchased it through TradeMe in New Zealand. He contacted me through the Bertin Classic Cycles site and provided detailed shots and permission for this feature. The bike is equipped with HF Dura-ace track hubs built with Campy Omega rims. The drivetrain is a Campy Strada  crankset with fixed gear and runs Shimano pedals.

Bike as originally sold on TradeMe

Bike as currently configured by Harry C.



Detail #1


Detail #2


Detail #3


Detail #4



Detail #5




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