Bertin C 35 Feature Bike


This article will be sandwiched between two others which are part of a lengthy series on reconditioning and restoring a 1970s Bertin C 37. That series will show a tired, scruffy original C 37 being brought back to an attractive, useable state good for another 40 years of use and enjoyment. But what if a bike has never been thrown in and out of a vehicle? What if it has never sat outside or in a damp garage or basement? What if it did not have chipped paint and peeling, bubbling chrome plating? What if that bike had been cared for and used but not abused?

That is the bike which is the subject of this post’s feature. This late 1950s or early 1960s Bertin C 35 was purchased on EBay and the new owner, Harve S. from Germany, contacted me in February to assist in identifying the period and model. When he forwarded photographs, I Bertin Catalogue 1950s 2was amazed at the outstanding condition of the bike and its originality. It looks almost exactly like the Daniel Rebour catalogue illustration I used to identify the bike and its overall presentation is amazing for a bike in the 50 to 60 year old range.

Bikes such as this are found only rarely and when they are, they become the reference point for people who wish to make their old bike look and function as it had when new. When I suggested to Herve that I would like to do a Feature Bike Post on his Bertin due to its outstanding state of preservation, he graciously took all types of photos to allow for that to occur. Selected photographs and enlarged, cropped versions have been used to illustrate this post. Should you require details or enlargements for restoration purposes, please use the Contact button on the tool bar above and I will attempt to assist you.

Our greatest thanks to should go to Herve S. who has acquired and preserved this C 35  and now has shared it with other Bertin enthusiasts.


Herves C 37 drive side profile


Fork Crown and Nervex Type 45 lugs

Fork Crown and Nervex Type 45 lugs

Downtube Decal and Pinstripe Details

Downtube Decal and Pinstripe Details



Herves Ft LAM Brk

Herves Rr LAM Brk

Herves Rr Shift lever


Period Correct with Wingnuts

Period Correct with Wingnuts



Herves Drivetrain closeup

Herves Crankset and Frt derailleur

Huret Lever Action Front Derailleur

Herves Rr Huret

Huret Tour de France Rear derailleur



Steel Stem and Alloy Maes Style Handlebar

Steel Stem and Alloy Maes Style Handlebar


Once again, my thanks to Herve S. for sharing this exceptional Bertin C 35 with me and the readers of this blog!