Bertin Finds in France – Part 2

About a month and a half ago, I wrote a post on two Bertins that were found in Northern France by Kevin R. an expatriate Briton. He was kind enough to share the details and photos of the bikes which I subsequently posted. Well, he has been scrounging the boot sales, bike jumbles and on line sales sites and has found another lovely Bertin in wonderful condition. Study the photo below, there is something unusual about this 49 cm bike.



It is a mid to late 70s Bertin sport bike that has a full Vitus Durifort frameset, Maillard HF, QR hubs, TA Pro Vis 5 crankset, Shimano derailleurs, Weinmann sidepull brakes and tubular tires. When you look closely at this well proportioned, well equipped bicycle you simply do not notice that this is a very small bicycle.  It is actually a Bertin C 33 intended for juvenile riders (or possibly small statured women) and looks normal because it wears 650 series tubular rims and sewup tires.

Just another example of the extra thought in the design, specification and manufacture that Andre Bertin and his team put into even the smallest market segment that they worked in.

Bertin Advertisements



Cycles Bertin was always a smaller manufacturer located in the Nord Pas de Calais department. They maintained local and regional amateur and semi-professional teams to support and promote their brand. Like most bicycle manuacturers, they had their colour catalogues, posters plus black and white ads taken out in the cycling press to try and reach potential buyers.

In the next little while, I will be, intermittently, posting examples of these materials to give readers a flavour of the the kind of promotional activities and style used by Bertin.

The first example is a poster shared with me by a reader. It is a striking example done in a bold colour style and seems to be from the earlier 1980s. I hope you enjoy it.






Bertin Finds in France

Finding old Bertin bicycles in France doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Consider that Bertins can be found fairly readily in the UK, the US, New Zealand, Morocco and even, occasionally, here in Canada. So, no big deal to find them in their country of origin, one might think. However, this is not so easily done.  The bikes were distributed all over France so your geographical location would affect availability. So would the lack of co-operation from local sellers and those on leboncoin who can’t even be bothered answering foreigners like me.

However, if you lived in Normandy (geographically just down the road from Bertin’s home location) as an expatriate Briton, and made the rounds of yard sales, bicycle jumbles, boot sales and flea markets you just might have a good chance to snag some interesting bikes.

Which is exactly what Kevin, who buys and refurbishes classic French bikes, does in his spare time.  He had contacted me through the site regarding id confirmation for a couple of Bertins which he had found and purchased on speculation. We discussed the bikes and he was kind enough to allow me to publish their photos. The silver one was a C 35 in original livery and equipment which Kevin then cleaned and up-speced. The red C 37 has been extensively modified in terms of braze-on additions, a new fork and partial changes to its equipment group.

1970s Bertin C 35 (531 /Durifort) in original condition

1970s Bertin C 35 (531 /Durifort) in original condition


C 35 re-furbished with equipment upgrade

C 35 refurbished with equipment upgrade



Modified Bertin C 37


My thanks to Kevin for rescuing and permitting the sharing of these Bertin survivors with us.

Bertin C 28 Mixte for Free in Los Angeles

Usually, items for sale are not accepted by me for featuring on this site. Unusually, the featured Bertin is not for sale, it is for free.

A little over two months ago, I was contacted by Ed, a resident of Los Angeles, California who was trying to dispose of a Bertin C 28 mixte. He and his wife were downsizing and the bike needed to be gone from their storage locker. He didn’t fancy using EBay or Craigslist but was reluctant to simply throw the bike in re-cycling. He realized that it needed a fair bit of TLC but hoped I knew someone who might want it.

Unfortunately, I did not but he was determined to give it away to a good home so here we are now. Ed is prepared to give away the Bertin C 28 mixte you see in the photos below. No cost to you except for the gasoline required to collect it from him. Method, date and time of collection to be determined between you and Ed.

I will facilitate this by having you use the Contact link on the button bar below the header illustration to contact me. Sent me your email address and I will forward it to Ed. He will contact you and both of you can work out the specifics of the transfer of the Bertin from his ownership to yours.

Contact information will be forwarded to Ed in the chronological order it is received. Ed makes the final choice of the new owner, I will simply facilitate the contact. So, look over the photos and decide whether, as an Angeleno, that Bertin mixte might suit.

Originally sold by Hans Orht's Shop

Originally sold by Hans Orht’s Shop