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A few months ago, I began an intermittent series on period Bertin advertisements as found in the cycling press and elsewhere. I started with a colourful, larger format bike shop poster but far more common for Bertin were page size and partial page ads done in black and white.

Recently, Frederic M. contacted me with a contribution from an edition of Le Cycle magazine published in 1971,  to share with other readers. Frederic has a Flickr account on which he shares these kinds of period advertisements and photos including many done by Daniel Rebour. It is from that account that the following Milremo/Bertin ads were taken. Many thanks to Frederic for sharing and be sure to look at his Flickr materials here.





Bertin Replica Jersey by Wieleroutfits

Several people over the last little while have asked about buying a Bertin team jersey. Typically, in thesleevless Bertin jersey recent past, you had to make do with what you could find on EBay that was vintage stock. These jerseys were typically acrylic or acrylic/wool and had embroidered or flocked graphics featuring sponsors. Their condition was variable Bertin Boulangerieand sizing, of course, was hit and miss but mostly miss. If you were or are looking for a Bertin trade style jersey for L’Eroica or one of the other vintage rides now going, then you really need some alternative.

Such an alternative is now available from Wieleroutfits in Arnhem, in the Netherlands. The styling is classic 50s-60s pre-Shimano Bertin. The fabric is not the knitted acrylic/wool of the past but some form of wicking, modern synthetic. You can see the jersey at their site here. That link takes you to the Dutch language page with the sizing dimensions. For an English version, go to the Union Jack in the upper left corner and click on it.

When I feature or test items here it is, usually, on the basis of personal purchase and review. That is not the case here. I have no personal knowledge of the product nor do I own one. The jersey is an attractive, full zipped model with ample rear pockets. However, the information shared here is provided as a convenience as a result of readers’ inquiries and should not be considered an endorsement. If you own one of these, please feel free to comment. For the rest of us, this may be just what we need in the way of Vintage looking kit.

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Bertin, Belgium and Milremo – Surprise!

While browsing on the Internet the other day, I was checking EBay UK for Milremo products. Since Andre Bertin and Ron Kitching were partners in the creation of this brand of cycling accessories, I was curious about the range as I was considering doing an update to an earlier post  I had written on the topic. After my Search results came up, there were the usual water bottles, bar end plugs, pumps and such like. To my surprise, there was also one of these:

Milremo 1

This is a Milremo branded bicycle. More particularly, it is a town bike made by Cycles Bertin Belgium. My first thought was that the seller had misclassified the bike as the graphics and construction were so obviously Bertin. Not so, as a careful look at the following photos reveals.

The first shot of the head tube logo is slightly obscured by the body of the head lamp.

Milremo 2

However, this certainly cannot be said of the photo of the matching seat tube decal as it clearly reads Milremo.

Milremo 7

Oddly, as mentioned above, the bike has many hallmarks of Belgian production. It features the brazed on rear carrier attached to the rear dropouts and painted to match the frame.

Milremo 6

Milremo 4

It uses Weinmann levers and brakes which were seldom seen in French production, Mafac being the brake of choice for utility bike fittings there. Also, the headlight is fitted to the front fork while production in Arras used brazed on tabs on the left rear seat stay to  mount the generator. Noteworthy as well was the A/D decal immediately below the seatlug which is characteristic of Belgian Bertin production.

Milremo 8

The bike is so well thought out and presented, even down to the front hub with its stylish wing nuts and the brazed on fender stay/bag support, that you wonder why it was marketed with the Milremo brand rather than as the Bertin it so clearly is .

Milremo 9

As it is, it seems that this Milremo will remain a stylish and eye-catching anomaly until EBay casts up another example.

While mentioning EBay, I would like to thank Mark, the current owner, for his kind permission to use his photos for this post. The bike can be found here in his shop, should any reader wish to see it.

Bertin C 38 Track Bike – An Original

The last French made Bertin was produced in 1999 – 2000 so even the newest ones are getting older and scruffier. However, every vintage enthusiast is willing to do the little touch-ups and polishing needed to bring a bike back to its prime. In some cases, full restorations are done right down to new equipment, paint and decals.

However, very rarely, a bike turns up which has not been neglected to the point of dust, grime, dried oily residue and general tattiness. Instead, it has experienced a quiet retirement, cared for, unmolested with its original equipment intact – this is what Jamison found out in Colorado.

He has located and acquired a high-end Bertin C 38 track bike from the early 1980s that looks like it was put away new at the end of its first season and has just been hauled out to resume its career. He hopes you will appreciate the photos he has sent along.

ei C 38 profile Dr side

Full French Track Gruppo, Full Reynolds 531

ei C 38 crankset rgt side

Stronglight/Spidel 106 Track Chainset

ei C 38 Rr hub

Fixed Cog on Maillard 700/Spidel Track Hub

ei C 38 headset

Bernard Hinault Stronglight A9 Headset on a Round Bladed 531 Track Fork

ei C 38 Frt view

Front View With Dropped Track Stem, Handlebars and Maillard/Spidel 700 HF Hub

It is rare indeed to see so finely preserved an example of a C 38 but this is an exceptional one and I will totally overlook the razor blade saddle and the clip in pedals!

featured bike #4 – Bertin C 34 – Matthias M.


This bike feature is long overdue. In June, I was corresponding with Matthias M. from Luxembourg. The bike he had acquired was in a wonderful state of period correct preservation and I offered to do a feature on it. He was kind enough to agree and send me the photographs you will see below. His bike is a Bertin C 34bis with the clincher tire option. It is original in almost every respect even down to the Milremo decals on some of the components. Matthias’ bicycle truly is a classically French  Bertin right down to the Durifort tubing and all French component gruppo. My apologies for the long delay in sharing this, Matthias.



 detail #1

detail #2

detail #3




detail #4

detail #5




detail #6




detail #7

detail #8