Bertin Advertisements 2

A few months ago, I began an intermittent series on period Bertin advertisements as found in the cycling press and elsewhere. I started with a colourful, larger format bike shop poster but far more common for Bertin were page size and partial page ads done in black and white.

Recently, Frederic M. contacted me with a contribution from an edition of Le Cycle magazine published in 1971,  to share with other readers. Frederic has a Flickr account on which he shares these kinds of period advertisements and photos including many done by Daniel Rebour. It is from that account that the following Milremo/Bertin ads were taken. Many thanks to Frederic for sharing and be sure to look at his Flickr materials here.





Bertin Flickr Group

About the time I was preparing the first post on the Bertin C 37 restoration, I received an email from a correspondent named Karl V. Karl had just created a Flickr group for Andre Bertin bicycles and had written to inform me of its existence and invite me to join the group.

I responded that I thought the idea was excellent and I did, subsequently, join the Cycles Andre Bertin Flickr group. The group provides an excellent venue for sharing and displaying photographs of Andre Bertin’s bicycles and related items. Below you see the site’s main page as of August 17, 2013. Click on the link here to jump to the site.

Flickr Andre Bertin Group

Many thanks to Karl for such a brilliant resource and I hope that other Bertin enthusiasts will both enjoy and contribute to it!