Bertin Advertisements 3


As one would expect, Cycles Bertin advertised in professional journals, Cycle sport magazines and sports papers such as Le Cycle as can be seen in the second installment of this series on Bertin advertisements. In addition to that type of advertising, Cycles Bertin published its own product catalogues such as the example below from 1976:



As well, after the founding of the Milremo parts and accessories  brand in the late 1950s in conjunction with Ron Kitching, Cycles Bertin published parallel Milremo catalogues illustrated by Daniel Rebour and his brother, Rodolphe. Typically for the two brothers, Daniel would do most of the technical line drawings and Rodolphe would produce the covers and the occasional figure drawing inside the brochure. Below is the cover illustration of the 1976 Milremo catalogue which I received at the same time as the 1976 Cycles Bertin catalogue shown above.



For those of you who like Rodolphe’s illustration, I have added a second version of the cover cropped of extraneous text materials. The two Rebour brothers made an effective pair in enabling Cycles Bertin commercially.





Bertin Advertisements 2

A few months ago, I began an intermittent series on period Bertin advertisements as found in the cycling press and elsewhere. I started with a colourful, larger format bike shop poster but far more common for Bertin were page size and partial page ads done in black and white.

Recently, Frederic M. contacted me with a contribution from an edition of Le Cycle magazine published in 1971,  to share with other readers. Frederic has a Flickr account on which he shares these kinds of period advertisements and photos including many done by Daniel Rebour. It is from that account that the following Milremo/Bertin ads were taken. Many thanks to Frederic for sharing and be sure to look at his Flickr materials here.





Bertin Advertisements



Cycles Bertin was always a smaller manufacturer located in the Nord Pas de Calais department. They maintained local and regional amateur and semi-professional teams to support and promote their brand. Like most bicycle manuacturers, they had their colour catalogues, posters plus black and white ads taken out in the cycling press to try and reach potential buyers.

In the next little while, I will be, intermittently, posting examples of these materials to give readers a flavour of the the kind of promotional activities and style used by Bertin.

The first example is a poster shared with me by a reader. It is a striking example done in a bold colour style and seems to be from the earlier 1980s. I hope you enjoy it.