A London Bertin C 10: Update

Back in 2017, Stuart Windsor of London was kind enough to share a series of before and after photographs of his Bertin C 10 city bike. This was a follow on to a C 37 restoration he had done and I was glad to be able to share the photos as racing/sport Bertins tend to get a lot of the attention and effort in regards to preservation  or complete restoration. The bike, as finished at that time, looked like this:


The C 10 after refurbishment


However, time moves along, things change as items are replaced, wear out or are upgraded. Since the photo above, Stuart has been busy adapting the bike to its urban life. Practical additions like a kickstand, rack, saddle upgrade with tool kit and a cargo box make it more useful around the neighbourhood. He’s been kind enough to forward me some photos which I have added here below:





Just a comment about the “trunk” on the Bertin. I live in the middle of one of Canada’s best known wine producing areas and that “trunk”  is suspiciously like the size of our local two wine bottle format gift boxes. Perhaps it’s only for baguettes from the local bakery…



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