Bertin Poster Graphics

It is not a startling insight to observe that things change but is interesting to see those changes especially in such a highly competitive field as cycle manufacturing. In June of 2018, there was a Bertin Retrospective festival which had an on line “poster” which advertised the event. Many of you had seen it when I posted it here a year ago to support the event. If you missed it, this is the “poster”:



It is an interesting and evocative style using bold colours in large areas with little modeling on the figure. Forty years earlier, a Bertin poster looked like this:



And twenty or thirty years before that, a Bertin paper poster looked like this:



An interesting evolution in style.

One comment on “Bertin Poster Graphics

  1. Bonjour Alain , et meilleurs voeux a toute ta famille pour 2020 .
    Trés belle rétrospective des cycles BERTIN , ce qui rappelle des souvenirs ( j’ ai toujours mon vélo Bertin vitus, que j’ avais acheté au magasin cycle Beaucout a St LAURENT ).
    Bravo Alain, et a bientôt .

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