Peugeot Course PB 12

Please excuse the surprise but a post about a Peugeot is not what regular readers on this site might expect to see here. Nonetheless, here it is. I have long enjoyed Peugeot’s bicycles but especially those of the late 70s and early 1980s. Several of those bikes have passed through my hands ( 2 PX 10s, 1 PX 14 and 1 PF 40) in the last few decades and I ran across the PB 12 recently and decided to add it to my Bertins.

It is an interesting, Canadian manufactured Peugeot and I thought I would explore what a Canadian built, basic but reasonable quality machine was like. So, there is a new website to support my intention and you can find it at:

So you know it when you see it, it looks like this:

I hope you will enjoy the new site and feel free to comment or ask questions. Posting about Bertins will, of course, continue right here and this will be the only crossover post between the sites.

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