Bertin C 28 Mixte for Free in Los Angeles

Usually, items for sale are not accepted by me for featuring on this site. Unusually, the featured Bertin is not for sale, it is for free.

A little over two months ago, I was contacted by Ed, a resident of Los Angeles, California who was trying to dispose of a Bertin C 28 mixte. He and his wife were downsizing and the bike needed to be gone from their storage locker. He didn’t fancy using EBay or Craigslist but was reluctant to simply throw the bike in re-cycling. He realized that it needed a fair bit of TLC but hoped I knew someone who might want it.

Unfortunately, I did not but he was determined to give it away to a good home so here we are now. Ed is prepared to give away the Bertin C 28 mixte you see in the photos below. No cost to you except for the gasoline required to collect it from him. Method, date and time of collection to be determined between you and Ed.

I will facilitate this by having you use the Contact link on the button bar below the header illustration to contact me. Sent me your email address and I will forward it to Ed. He will contact you and both of you can work out the specifics of the transfer of the Bertin from his ownership to yours.

Contact information will be forwarded to Ed in the chronological order it is received. Ed makes the final choice of the new owner, I will simply facilitate the contact. So, look over the photos and decide whether, as an Angeleno, that Bertin mixte might suit.

Originally sold by Hans Orht's Shop

Originally sold by Hans Orht’s Shop









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