Bertins Restored

Adrian is a fellow blogger who is located in New Zealand. He is deeply interested in classic bicycles, writes about them and also restores and sells them. In addition to New Zealand made bikes, he likes classic 60s and 70s  Brit bikes and Bertins, which have a close, post WW II association with New Zealand.

His blog is linked here and in the right hand sidebar in the Favourites list.

Blog page

Currently, Adrian is selling several restored 1960s Bertins on EBay. I do not typically endorse or promote but these restorations are so outstanding as to require sharing them with other Bertin enthusiasts.

The first listing is a C 37 road bike from the early to mid-1960s. (57 cm ctc)

Blue C 37


The next is a gorgeous chrome and fade blue C 38 track bike of about the same period. (57 cm ctc)

Blue fade C 38


The last frame is also a C 38 track bike, without brake drillings, finished in candy red paint. (56 cm ctc)

Red C 38

Outstanding restorations such as these need to be shared and I thank Adrian for permission to use the photos. I hope you all enjoy his meticulous hand craft, including the special custom decals used to complete the presentations.

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