Belgian Bertin


Sometimes you set out with an idea for a post, such as I did in my New Year’s greeting but at other times the idea or opportunity comes to you. This was the case earlier this week. I was browsing EBay UK for a non-Bertin item and ran into an advertisement for a Bertin for sale. It was a nearly original, almost pristine Bertin built by Cycles Bertin Belgium as you will see in the following bike feature. In the description of the bike’s features, equipment and condition was the following invitation, “If Mr. Bertin blog owner wants to link this or use photos (or needs more) no problem… .” Well, he did and he does and I am convinced you will be convinced as well that seeing this Bertin is worth the effort of sharing. (Click on images once to enlarge and again to maximize enlargement.)



BB 1



BB 6 front

Frame Details and Distinctive Belgian Fork Crown Decoration


BB 9 sticker

Oddity: Reynolds Butted “A” Tubing Sticker on a Vitus Durifort Frame.



BB 3 lever

Shimano Dura-Ace 1st Generation Lever and Hood


BB 7 Front caliper

Rare Shimano Dura-Ace 1st Generation Centerpull Caliper




BB Wheel

HF, QR Hubs with Modern Tires




BB Drivetrain

SR Apex 3 Crankset (TA Professional copy) with Shimano Tourney Derailleurs




BB 2 bars

3ttt Record Strada Stem With Grand Prix Handlebar

3 comments on “Belgian Bertin

  1. Hi, Peter-

    Belgian builders used a tricolour on the stay caps and the fork crown often enough that it could be considered fairly typically Belgian unlike French production which had a tricolour cap on the stays only.

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