Bertin C 37 Restoration Part 5

Progress on the C 37 restoration continues. The framebuilder has done the braze-ons requested and on a bright, sunny day I took some less than ideal photographs showing some of his work. The bottle cage mount reinforcements were added by him as he felt they echoed and complimented the style of these on the brake bridge.

Bertin C37 BB # 2

The rolled and brazed brake bridge tube was filled, cleaned up and then filed. The final fine filing and finish sanding was done after all three of these photos were taken.

Bertin C37 BB # 3

The photo lets you see the stylistic similarities between the reinforcements on the brake bridge and those which were added on the down tube around the bottle bosses.

Bertin C37 BB

The new bottom bracket braze-ons will accommodate the Simplex SLJ 5500 rear and the SLJ 502 front derailleurs which are to be fitted to the completed bicycle. The completion of the detailed filing and sanding on the braze-on brake cable guides and lever bosses will be finished along with the paint stripping and sanding of the fork chrome just before Christmas. I am told that the paint application and decals, followed by clear coat, will come immediately afterwards with headset installation preceding my collection of the finished frameset. It is definitely looking like a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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