Bertin, Belgium and Milremo – Surprise!

While browsing on the Internet the other day, I was checking EBay UK for Milremo products. Since Andre Bertin and Ron Kitching were partners in the creation of this brand of cycling accessories, I was curious about the range as I was considering doing an update to an earlier post  I had written on the topic. After my Search results came up, there were the usual water bottles, bar end plugs, pumps and such like. To my surprise, there was also one of these:

Milremo 1

This is a Milremo branded bicycle. More particularly, it is a town bike made by Cycles Bertin Belgium. My first thought was that the seller had misclassified the bike as the graphics and construction were so obviously Bertin. Not so, as a careful look at the following photos reveals.

The first shot of the head tube logo is slightly obscured by the body of the head lamp.

Milremo 2

However, this certainly cannot be said of the photo of the matching seat tube decal as it clearly reads Milremo.

Milremo 7

Oddly, as mentioned above, the bike has many hallmarks of Belgian production. It features the brazed on rear carrier attached to the rear dropouts and painted to match the frame.

Milremo 6

Milremo 4

It uses Weinmann levers and brakes which were seldom seen in French production, Mafac being the brake of choice for utility bike fittings there. Also, the headlight is fitted to the front fork while production in Arras used brazed on tabs on the left rear seat stay to  mount the generator. Noteworthy as well was the A/D decal immediately below the seatlug which is characteristic of Belgian Bertin production.

Milremo 8

The bike is so well thought out and presented, even down to the front hub with its stylish wing nuts and the brazed on fender stay/bag support, that you wonder why it was marketed with the Milremo brand rather than as the Bertin it so clearly is .

Milremo 9

As it is, it seems that this Milremo will remain a stylish and eye-catching anomaly until EBay casts up another example.

While mentioning EBay, I would like to thank Mark, the current owner, for his kind permission to use his photos for this post. The bike can be found here in his shop, should any reader wish to see it.

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