Bertin T2 Tandem Renewed


One of the pleasant things about this blog is the number of interesting people who pop up in the Contact or Comments sections. They may be sharing a fact or insight, asking a question, leveling a criticism or reminiscing about a current or past Bertin. Sometimes you get a mixture of all of these things at once!

In that vein, in early March, an American reader contacted me and asked if I would be interested in seeing some pictures of a Bertin T2 tandem he had just finished refurbishing for himself and his wife. I agreed readily as Cycles Bertin had a long history of building tandems almost from the start of bicycle production.  An example of this is the mid-1950s Bertin C 40 shown in the Daniel Rebour catalogue illustration below.

fi Bertin C 40 Tandem profile

As time went on, Bertin updated and upgraded both the materials and the equipment found in their tandems. The contact I received from John M. offered to share photos and details about his late 1970s Bertin T2 tandem pre-season refurbishment. I readily agreed and he sent the photos and details you will find in the following photos and text.

When originally purchased, John’s Bertin T2 had the Vitus 172 oversize steel tube frameset typical for its late 1970s build. The fillet brazed man/man frameset still had its original pale blue paint after about 40 years of use. The tandem was riding on 27 inch wheels which, after refurbishment are now rolling on 27 x 1.25 Panaracer Paselas.


Bertin  profile

Profile shot of the T2 as currently configured.


Bertin T2 captains saddle

Details of lateral attachment and fillet brazing of main frame joints and Berthoud touring saddle.


Bertin T2 bag

CLB brake levers to Shimano cantilevers with Sugino bar end shifters.

There is no Atom drum brake attached to the rear axle.


Bertin T2 stoker crankset and laterals

The tandem sports an original set of Stronglight 99 tandem cranksets along

with Shimano SPD clipless pedals for both captain and stoker.


Bertin T2 stem bar  bag

The stem is a Nitto Technomic with matching Nitto bars. The Gilles Berthoud handlebar bag

rests on a Velo Orange rack and hovers above the hammered  Velo Orange alloy fender.

So there it is, revived and revised, another classic Bertin T2 tandem again available and ready for another summer of commotion!

10 comments on “Bertin T2 Tandem Renewed

  1. Thanks for posting our tandem! We have had a long winter, and we can’t wait to get out on the road. John

  2. Lovely, elegant bike, lovely restoration. It is great to see these frames and components being rescued from oblivion and put to effective use. They are also much admired out on the road by the lay fraternity.

  3. This inspired me and I saw a T2 on my local Craig’s List, I had to get it! A barn-find of sorts, complete, in need of restoration, dirty and in need of maintenance, a few bits here and there, but after seeing your beautiful bike, I’m in!

  4. I supplied many of the parts, but the staff at Rockford Bicycle did most of the mechanical restoration to make sure that the bike was safe. I’m in their debt. The seat posts are 26.4 mm, and the wheels 27 inches. We did not try to convert to 700c. Clearances were more than adequate for a generous tire and fender. Velocals had a great selection of decals to complete the restoration. Enjoy your tandem!

  5. Thanks, Jim! I’ve decided to start a restoration blog to chart my progress. The bike is surprisingly complete, a few broken bits, like the rear derailleur, a fender clip… and it’s rather filthy, but it’s not too rusty… with the exception of the thin plating on the racks, but overall I think it will polish up nicely. I’m leaning towards just doing touch-up on the few scrapes and scratches, and trying to leave it as original as possible. Any comments, or assistance will really help. Like, I have NO CLUE how to service and/or adjust the Atom drum brake!

  6. I’ve been trying to find more photos and information about the older Bertin tandems I acquired an oldie, it was in really bad shape if I can figure out how to send you pictures of it now I’m sure everyone will be happy that another one was rescued from an unknown fate. The bike is a 47′ C-40 its an October built tandem on the left rear dropout its stamped 710 it has a cyclo braze-on for the rare simplex chain pull front derailleur. This bike was butchered very bad also the green paint looks as though someone had razored the paint off.I polished the tubing to a chrome like finish, like I said if I can figure out how, you will see the results of 6 months of metal work and care to this old bike.

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