Belgian Bertins Part 3: Models & types.


Models in Belgium seemed to differ from those in France. I currently have no catalogues from this time and production but the photos of the samples below show deviations from French models. The only truly comparable one seems to be the C 37 although I have never seen it identified as such in Belgian sites or photos.



be  Bertin  Mixte

Women’s 3 Speed With Brazed-on Rear Rack


be Belgian Bertin 5spd

Men’s With Brazed-on Rack and Fork Mounted Generator


bel Bertin town bike

Early (1960s?) Utility Bike With Front and Rear Braze-on Racks


si Bertin C 10

Later Bertin Berceau Style Frame with SA 3 Speed and Skirt Protector



bel Bertin 1

Accessorized for Daily Use and Touring


be Bertin Erik

This Bike Has a Reynolds “A” tubing Main Frame and Sticker


be Bertin silver

Typical OEM Sakae Silstar Crankset


Red 60s C 28

Crankset and Derailleurs are Stronglight Cottered and Huret



bel Bertin C 37

This Bertin Has a Full 531 Frameset and Tubular Tires


si Bertin 2

Lug Style and Elaborate Pinstripes Visually Relate This Frameset to French C 37s of the Same Early 1960s Period


The decals for seat and down tube lettering on Belgian Bertins differed stylistically from those offered in France as mentioned above. The graphics below were shared with me by another Bertin enthusiast and they are reproduced here as an aid for current owners wishing to refurbish their Belgian made bikes.


Belgian Bertin decals 2


Belgian Bertin decals 3


Belgian Bertin decals

For a small manufacturer, Cycles Bertin had remarkably productive relationships with partners in both Belgium and Morocco resulting in a diversity of models and finishes that, at least partially, continues to exist even today.

5 comments on “Belgian Bertins Part 3: Models & types.

  1. I have one bicycle Bertin, my father buy this bicycle in 1964 in Morocco, and i restored completly, i need all decals for my bicycle, where i can buy?. Thanks.

  2. Manuel, you can look in the Restoration right sidebar but Cyclomondo and Velocals are two really good sources. If the decals you need are the usual ones, probably the Cyclomondo ones are the closest.

  3. Is the Belgium Bertin C37 the same as the LaBeille Special that I have? How can I date the bike? My mother had one in Nice, France when she was 16 – she was born in 1923. Tha bike is all original except the seat and is in excellant condition.
    bike is same as in photo 1

  4. I bought a Bertin (Belgian) from peloton cycles in amherst mass back 1973. I trained and raced on the frame for 5 years.
    – Tubing was labeled “AD – butted”
    – Dropouts were pressed on fork and and case in the rear.
    – I think the bottom bracket was cast as well (no weld seam)
    – A wonderful orange paint!
    I have no idea were the bike resides now.

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