Bertin C 220: New Old Bike


Sometimes we search for a long time, sometimes the circumstances just happen and a bike we want/wanted shows up in our lives. Sometimes we take the opportunity as presented and Kevin Y. has done just that with a Bertin C 220 he found on eBay. It is a 1983 and he knows this for a certainty because the British man he purchased it from had originally bought it on a cross Channel jaunt to Calais in that year. (You can see the dealer sticker in the photos.) He then travelled by ferry back to Britain, cycled home on his new acquisition and rode it for a further five years. Work responsibilities resulted in it being stored for 24 years until Kevin recently acquired it.

A thorough cleaning, bearing lubrication, a new chain, brake pads, new tubulars and cables restored functionality. Kevin reinstalled the original pedals along with Milremo straps. The cleanup of the Columbus Aelle frameset and Golden Arrow Shimano gruppo produced the lovely bike you see in the photographs below. In comparing it to another bike he owns from the early 1980s, Kevin says”…this Andre Bertin appears a more modern design, lighter, quicker on the road and more responsive. The build quality is exemplary…”. Obviously the words of a man who is happy that he grasped the opportunity when it arose.





detail #1

detail #2


detail #3

detail #4


  detail #5

 detail #6


 detail #7

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