Bertin Folding Bike C ?

Sometimes the varieties of clever ways in which things can be done truly amaze. A recent email from Norbert in Munich, Germany produced one of those situations. He had written me about a Bertin he had recently acquired. It was a type of “folding” bike although it really did not fold. It disassembled using some clever quick release features rather than some kind of locking hinge mechanism as is typically found on these types of bikes like Bertin’s own C 53. I thought it might be a C 55 but that is really just a C 53 with  550 sized wheels instead of the C 53’s  20x 1.75  sized ones.

As yet, I have been unable to determine the model type as I have no reference material that shows a bicycle like the one Norbert photographed and shared with me. Perhaps another reader has some knowledge and experience with this type of Bertin and would be willing to share it with us. Below you will find the photos of what Norbert found.

Bertin C ?  Folding Bike


The bike as shown has an incorrect, smaller  front wheel. The original had been stolen and the replacement was what was available. Norbert is sourcing a correct replacement to restore the bike’s correct handling.

The quick releases visible in the photo are the basis of the disassembly of the bike. Once they are released, the brackets lift free of the cross frame main tube and permit the relocation of the front half of the bike overlapping the rear.

This view shows the rear of the bracing and lugs which anchor the system. The following photograph shows the disassembly.


Note that the wiring for the rear light also has a quick release coupling to permit the separation of the wires.


And the bike fully disconnected.




The above photos are further examples of the unique and interesting details found on this late 70s or early 80s Bertin .

3 comments on “Bertin Folding Bike C ?

  1. hello just purchase a bike A.abertin original color Orange C-53 same as picture like to know more about your story and what your year of manufacture

  2. Tiago-
    The catalogue I have from the early 1960s does not show the C 53 or any bike with wheels smaller than 650B but catalogues from the 1970s do list the C 53. The model is gone by the early 1980s, replaced by the C 55 with its larger diameter wheels. The small wheel craze started in the early 1960s by Moultons and the Raleigh 16 & 20 seems to have burnt itself out by the 1980s.

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