Bertin bicycle decals for restorations

The obtaining of accurate and complete decal (transfers) sets for any bicycle can be difficult. For bicycles like Bertins produced at the rate of a maximum of 10,000 machines a year, at most, it can be a vexing problem indeed. Periodically, I receive requests to direct other Bertin owners to someone who can provide or make decal sets to complete the final detail of a restoration.

Usually, I direct them to firms I have linked to in the Restoration sidebar like H.Lloyd Cycles, Velocals, Velocolour, Velographic and such like. Sometimes, the request is more specific and difficult. For Bertins from the 50s and 60s there simply has not been any option for decals. The original, script and arrow downtube decals were unavailable and there were no clear, reliable photos to form the basis of reproduction. When I restored my 1960s Bertin C 37, the only useful decals were the 1970s version I eventually had reproduced and used.

Recently, an email request came in from Stuart W. in Britain. He had found a Bertin like his original bike from the late 1950s and he was hoping to get a photo image of the downtube decal which he needed to have reproduced.

Thankfully, I was able to supply him with an appropriate, high resolution photo which had been unavailable to me when I did my restoration several years ago.

Shortly thereafter, I got an email with an inclusion. The decal maker, Cyclomundo, had come through in a big way and had created the appropriate decals for these early Bertin sport and racing bicycles. So, for those of you who had despaired of period correct for your Bertin, rejoice because Stuart’s request has opened up your choices. You now can contact Cyclomundo and ask about these decals:

As you can see, the set is not fully complete. You will also need the A.B. decal for the downtube and the Made in France banner for the top tube but those are currently available. Combine them and you have a perfect, period correct graphic package for your beloved old Bertin be it a road or a track frame. So, no more excuses, get that restoration done and get back on the road!

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