Bertin Updates

Lately, posts have been infrequent on Bertin Classic Cycles due to work responsibilities – I am looking forward to retiring again in the Fall! Nonetheless, I have been doing a few things. There is a new, colour photo of a Bertin T 2 tandem on the Models page. I have added a photo of an 80s period Bertin C 38 on the Track Bikes Gallery page and I would also like to share a series of photos of a pro team frameset originally offered for sale through Hilary Stone’s  site. It is excellent and I would recommend you take a look.

The frameset is quite lovely and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Please note the Bernard Hinault plastic/alloy Stronglight A9 headset.

2 comments on “Bertin Updates

  1. This is exciting. Last Thursday, for the the first time after 20 years I rode my Bertin bike to work on the “Bike to work day, spare the air”. It was a great feeling to ride again. After a bike-car incident 20 years ago I was so skeptical that I stopped riding. If I were to send you my bike picture, would you be able to tell me a little about my bike. I am curious. Regardless what it is, I love my bike. It hold a big sentimental value in my heart. Nancy

  2. Hi, Nancy-

    I would be glad to try and provide some information for you. Just forward a picture and I will work from it.


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