Bertin C 37: Changes

In a previous post, I had mentioned that one of the joys of owning an old bike is the fact that it requires or encourages constant tinkering. You try out some new old stock part or add a restoration item you have found in an old bike shop or on EBay so that the bike is continually evolving toward the vision that you have for it. Perhaps some day it will be “done” but in the meantime the bike changes according to need and use.

This is true of the subject of this post. Don G. is a commenter on this site and a long time Bertin owner. In fact, his refurbished Bertin C 37 was among the first I found when I began looking for Bertins on line . His bicycle was also one of those that I initially added to the Galleries section of this site and it was linked, as well, to the Cyclofiend site where it originated. Since then, Don has made changes and the bike has evolved so that it differs from the original appearance. Don was kind enough to offer an updated photo in a recent email and I felt that this was a good opportunity to show the type of  development that his particular bike has undergone.

Don G.’s Bertin C 37 in about 2009.


Don G.’s Bertin C 37 as of 2011.

I would like to thank Don for his willingness to provide the updated photo and for allowing its use on the site. 


7 comments on “Bertin C 37: Changes

  1. I like both photograghs. In particular the saddle caught my eye. It is a Brooks?

    Also the pictures are a reminder that I really must get my Bertain frame built up so I can ride it this year.

  2. Good Day

    just to let you know that we still have some parts in our store at Casablanca

    if you need some please contact us.

  3. Abderrahmane — thank you. Any source of parts and accessories for Bertins is undoubtedly appreciated by other owners. Please leave another message with your e-mail address as the one you use to leave a comment is private.

  4. Both photos: Brooks B17 Champion: NR Seat Post; TA Crank,TA Bottom Bracket, TA Road Pedals; Stronglight A9 Headset; Simples Front Derailleur.

  5. Old post, but nice lookin’ bike 🙂
    Front forks look bent backwards, though…
    What is the frame size (looks 24,5″, isn’t it)?

  6. Don’s C 37 is straight and the apparent bend is a trick of camera angle. I believe that it is a 24 or 24.5″ frameset.

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