Bertin Mountain Bike / VTT

A classic Bertin is, to me, a bicycle of the 1950s to the 1980s, not a mountain bike. However, for many cyclists, mountain bikes are being perceived as “classics” as well.  When you see ads for “classic” Specialized Stumpjumpers and Fisher Montares you realize that the term “classic” has some elasticity.

Certainly, Andre Bertin was not one to let an opportunity go by and he sold BMX bicycles and framesets when that aspect of cycling was hot. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see a mountain bike with Bertin’s decals, but I was when I ran across a photo of one on leboncoin a French online sellers’ site.

This one appears to be a “badge engineered” Bertin as it has the look of a Japanese MTB/VTT but with Bertin’s decals. The Tange Mountain tubing sticker, the lugged frameset  and Japanese components argue for that conclusion. Even the Shimano Exage/Biopace gruppo, Tioga Beartrap pedals and SR mountain style stem seem to confirm this.

Re-stickering was not an unknown practice back then or now. Bertin offered the Vitus produced line of alloy framed bicycles labelled as Bertins and did the same with Speedwell produced C 75T titanium frames for a short period of time. As well, the Bertin factory would later go on to produce some European Specialized models as well as bikes for Nakamura and Nickel among others.

Regrettably, I am unable to give further details on the bike as no source has been found which lists its C ??? model designation or details of other bikes in the MTB/VTT range offered by Bertin. Should they become available, I will publish the information here, on the site.

3 comments on “Bertin Mountain Bike / VTT

  1. Hi Jim
    Since yesterday I am the owner of a 1985 Bertin mountain bike !
    I was checking the adds for a cyclo-touriste when that bike popped in the middle of racers. Not only was that bike the true vintage MTB with lugs I was desperately looking for, it was also french and made by Bertin !
    I’m very excited with that find and couldn’t help leaving this teasing message. I’ll be back as soon as I’ll have nice pictures and maybe informations on that model.


  2. Hi, Karl-

    Congratulations! I’m glad you picked up a Bertin to add to your slide show! Once you have some photos, I would be glad to share them as a feature bike.


  3. Hi Jim
    I’ve made a few pictures of my bike in the as found state.
    I’m not very happy with them, my camera seems to have a focusing problem. Still you can check them on my Flickr gallery and download them as you wish.

    MUDDY FOX Courier Comp 1990

    By the way, do you know the french forum for vintage bicycles Tonton Vélo ?
    Here it is :

    And again thanks for your site !

    Karl (France)

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