Featured Bicycle #1 – Shibing H.

Periodically, a reader shares details of his or her bicycle along with extensive photograhs. Sometimes, there will be a detailed posting on Ebay or le bon coin with a great many photos to entice the prospective buyer. Possibly, a contributor will post detailed shots of his bicycle on Bike Forums as part of a thread or dialogue. In each of these cases, Bertin enthusiasts get a relatively rare opportunity to see other people’s Bertins and get a broader view and understanding of the bicycles Cycles Bertin was producing at a particular time.

Intermittently, on no special schedule, I will feature interesting bicycles suggested to me or found by me on the Internet. There will be a full sized photo followed by as many appropriate detail shots as possible. You may, as is true of the first bike, have seen some of the pictures before. Nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy this new feature as much as the owners obviously enjoy their Bertins.



This late 90s Bertin frameset was purchased by Shibing H. in the United States as a NOS item from the NOS Bicycle Shop on Ebay. He then did a build up with contemporary Shimano equipment.





Detail #1 


Detail #2



Detail #3


Detail #4



Detail #5


Detail #6



Detail #7


Detail #8



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