Decals & Transfers 1950 – 1959

Immediate post WW II graphics on Bertin’s early production were simple and clear. Headtube badges were made from painted, pressed metal and were screwed or rivetted into place. Decals were simple sans serif letters on the downtube. Information on the late 1940s production is not available at this time but I assume it is similar to the early 1950s design


The bicycle above is an early 1950s Bertin C 10. Note the contrasting head and seat tube panels. The frame is extentsively pinstriped in the seat tube colour and the white panel is trimmed by French national coloured bands above and below. The seat tube panel to the right is representative of the general style.

Partially missing is the A.B. diamond shaped decal common to Bertins up until the 1980s. Check the sample to the left.

Later graphic styles varied as can be seen from the mid-50s example which follows below. The dropout on this frameset indicates that it is a 1956 production bicycle. It retains the stamped/riveted head badge which time has robbed of its colour and the seat tube banding/A.B. diamond but the downtube logo has changed to a much more ornate form. The Arrow/Script version shown on this frameset was used until the 1960s on track, road and touring models alike.

This logo or similar variations would last forward into the mid-1960s. The orange frameset which follows is a well preserved example of a 1958 Bertin sport bike complete with all its graphics comparitively undamaged.

The head tube is now decorated by the familiar foil Bertin badge, extensive pinstriping is seen on the frame tubes and the head tube tri-coloured band has appeared to match the two on the seat tube. Seat stay caps have aquired tri-colour decals and the Durifort forks have gained white pinstriping on the crown.

Many early framesets were built with Vitus Durifort tubing in all of the frame and forks. Identifying decals appeared on the seat tube and both fork blades. The orange and white example above has the 3 main tubes in Durifort as well as the fork. The two photos below show the Vitus stickers which are two of the oldest I have record of.

3 Tubes Durifort

Durifort Forks

Most framesets built with Durifort were full Durifort tubes, forks and stays. However, I have no period illustrations of that decaling, but will add them if they become available.

8 comments on “Decals & Transfers 1950 – 1959

  1. hi you, thats a wonderful site. i have a old bertin bike from around 1950. i would like to send you a few pictures of the bike. What is your mail adress?
    I m from germany. Lets stay in contakt.

  2. Robert,
    Thanks for the compliment about the site. I would love to have photos of your Bertin to post and share. You can reach me through the To Contact page on the site or directly at bertinclassiccycles[at]yahoo[dot]ca .

  3. Hi, just bought an old bertin with a Durifort Sticker in Great condition. I think it is an really early model, but I am not sure. Would you be so kind to send me your mail adress so I could send you some pictures of it. You are the expert in Bertin`s;)

  4. Matthias,

    The REAL Bertin expert is Alain Merlier in France but thank you anyway! To reach me personally, go to the PAGES list in the right sidebar and select TO CONTACT. This will allow you to e-mail me and I can reply with specific directions from there.

  5. Est t’il possible de récupérer les autocollants Bertin pour un vélo que je suis en train de retaper ?

  6. Oui, il est possible d’obtenir de nouveaux autocollants. Je lui ai répondu en détail à votre question par email.

  7. Hi there, frenchman living in the US and came accross a Bertin road bike in California…strangely it has Italian colors on some of the tubes as opposed to French.
    Is this normal?? I have no idea which model it is and production year but can send pictures if needed.

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