Bertin Site Changes

Updated November 3, 2009:

Previous visitors to Bertin Classic Cycles will have noted that things are not what they once were. The previous theme with its dramatic Bertin colours of red and black had been serving less well than previously .

It was an aging theme and it was gradually losing function and compatability with the latest changes to WordPress. I discovered accidently that when people clicked on Categories all they got was a six or eight line summary which did not link to the full, previous post. If they then attempted to access the topic using the Tag Cloud they found that it would no longer work at all.

So, if you are one of the previously thwarted, my apologies and I hope this new format will serve you better. If you find a problem, feel free to leave a comment or email me at [bertinclassiccycles[at]yahoo[dot]ca] with your concerns.

Visitors will also notice that I have restructured the galleries on the sidebar to cope with the increasing numbers of photographs. Bertins have been left in their Road, Track and Juvenile catagories but the road bike galleries have been subdivided by their era – 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, as well as the final decade of the 90s until the cessation of production. Those posts, by the way, are also available via the “category” archives.

In future, I will continue to post to the Galleries photos sent to me of readers’ Bertins Lorenzos Bertin C 35such as this one from Lorenzo (under the 80s). Plus, I will be organizing and preparing a major post on Bertin graphics and decals arranged by era  just like the Gallery reorganization.

So, much remains to be done but with time, I hope to have an even more useful site than currently.

2 comments on “Bertin Site Changes

  1. I have a Bertin C3000 which I’ve had built up using old parts I had and buying the remainder. The groupset is a mixture of Shimano Tiagra with Tektro brake calipers, and other no-name parts.

    I was trying to find out what make of groupset would have been in use during the time of my C3000. To be honest, the current groupset could be improved upon as it’s a little clunky but it will do for now. The frame is too big for me, but I’m loathe to let it go as I love it so have had to put flat handlebars on it. I’ll post a pic as soon as I can, so feel free to suggest improvements to the components. 165cm cranks must remain though, cos I’m a little ‘un.

  2. Hi, Sonia-

    If you look in the Road Bike Gallery section in the 1990 to 2000 period you should find some photos of various C3000s. They seem to have Shimano 105 gruppos with doubles or triples with STI levers. That in itself isn’t a problem as you would be using your flat bar set up. Your current set up sounds fine and if it works for you then I would not worry about originality too much. EBay has a shop that sells NOS Bertin framesets which might help you address the frameset size issue. Once you forward the photo or photos, I will be able to comment further.

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