Gallery Page Revisions

The former Gallery page was becoming unwieldy and difficult to use. As a result, it has been divided into three subsections: Road Bike Gallery, Track Bike Gallery, and Juvenile Bike Gallery. Some of the material will be familiar Bertin C 56 whiteto previous users but other images are new. I hope you will use either the active links or the tabs at the top of the page to check out the new format.

(left) Bertin C 56 track bike

3 comments on “Gallery Page Revisions

  1. Hey! This is my bike!

    It was delivered with 700 pro Maillard track hubs and Mavic superchampion rims, criterium cranck and a very nice compact track bar.

    Bertin is not very popular in France.
    Certainly because it was the first to import Shimano equipment.
    But you must see the smile of mother “WALLAS” when you speak about BERTIN, an old lady who owns a store that was specialized in this brand, to understand that they are good reliable bike and finished correctly.

    I love my bike 🙂

    What year is model c 56 ?

    Thx and thank you for this web site!

  2. Khastro-
    Thanks for the kind words. Your C 56 is part of a long serving model line. The C 56 seems to have lasted, at least, from the late 60s to the 80s. Your bike appears to be an 80s model. Check the decals on the Models page where there is a blue C 35 that has a similar decal pattern.

    If you would like, I’ll add your bike’s photo to the Track Gallery page for others to see and put in an acknowledgement for you.

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