Bertin Biography Update

Andre Bertin 2As of July 15th, 2009 I have updated the Bertin Biography page. You may click here or at the top of the page to view the revised article. New photos have been included along with further details of M. Bertin’s commercial activity post WW II. Many thanks to former Bertin employee Alain Merlier for many of the added details.

2 comments on “Bertin Biography Update

  1. According to A. Bertin Casablanca, the company style working on the same industry under the same name A. Bertin, the company was effectively owned by my father M. Ahmed Chami best friend of M. André Bertin, know this company is belong to me and the condition imposed by my father before he he past away, that the Name of A. Bertin must stay on the signboard.

    we style operating the business with the same philosophy, in memories of M. André Bertin and M. Ahmed Chami

  2. Abderrahmane,

    It is good of you to write and explain the way the A. Bertin company was organized and continues even today in Casablanca. Thank you for helping Bertin enthusiasts understand Mr. Bertin’s relationship with your father, Ahmed Chami.


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