Bertin C 37

As I mentioned much earlier in a previous post, I would be commenting on and describing details about my personal C 37 and its restoration. The bike was purchased from Bicycle Specialties in Toronto, Canada. It had previously been converted to a randonneuse as you can see in an original promotional photo from Bicycle Specialties.

                                                                              Old Bertin Photo

The bike had a full set of Nervex Professional lugs including the bottom bracket and fork crown. It also had most of the necessary braze ons added in its previous renovation. Mike Barry then added the generator and cable hanger braze ons to complete the kit. As shown previously, the renovated bike looks like this:

                                                                        Bertin - Jim # 2

People have asked about its vintage and to my knowledge, it is a late 60s C 37 made with Reynolds 531. Its angles are relatively shallow, about 72 degrees.  As well, some have wondered about its layout and for their information, I have included the annotated photo below to permit comparisons with their personal machines.

Bertin Experiment 2

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